NICE extend share offer until 31st July 2016

Community Energy NI have welcomed the news that NICE2, a second community share offer to raise

Community Energy NI have welcomed the news that NICE2, a second community share offer to raise £130,000, which will enable the society to install solar panels free of charge for up to ten charitable and community organisations, is extending their offer until 31st July.

Last year NICE raised an impressive £150,000 with its first community share issue enabling solar PV installations to benefit 13 organisations. The Fermanagh Trust, which administers Community Energy NI was one of the shareholders in the original offer.

The NICE project purpose is to generate electricity from the sun thus reducing reliance on electricity derived from fossil fuels, helping to reduce carbon emissions, provide energy savings, build community resilience and strengthen the local economy.

This 2nd community share enables the public to invest in the project with a minimum purchase of 250 shares and a maximum of 20,000 shares at £1 each.   NICE has received pledges of around £20,000 before the new share offer was even launched.  The co-operative expects to deliver a return of approximately 4% to its investors as well as investing in a community fund providing for energy efficiency projects to tackle fuel poverty in Northern Ireland.

NICE’s project offers solar pv array installations, FREE OF CHARGE, to Northern Ireland 3rd sector organisations. Community groups collaborating with NICE benefit from a solar panel array installed entirely at NICE’s cost, i.e., the community organisation pays nothing for the installation. Participating organisations enter a ‘share your roof’ agreement with NICE. The collective purchase of insurance, maintenance, performance or monitoring systems – NICE will handle all such matters and associated costs.

To view the NICE2 share offer document CLICK HERE

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