Useful Information

We have compiled a list of publications on issues related to community energy and community benefit:

Department of Energy and Climate Change (2014)
Community Energy Strategy: Full Report.

National Economic & Social Council (2014)
Wind Energy in Ireland: Building Community Engagement and Social Support.

ResPublica (2014)
Community Energy: Unlocking Finance and Investment – The Way Ahead.

ResPublica (2014)
Creating Local Energy Economies: Lessons from Germany.

Rural Community Network (2014)
Wind Energy...the new goldrush?: Exploring the impact on rural communities.

Action Renewables, Centre for Sustainable Energy and Ricardo AEA (2013)
Communities and Renewable Energy: a Study.

Community Places (2013)
EmPOWERing Communities: A Guide to Renewable Energy for Community Facilities.

Cornwall Energy (2013)
Overcoming grid connection issues for community energy projects.

Department of Energy and Climate Change (2013)
Onshore Wind Call For Evidence: Government Response to Part A (Community Engagement and Benefits) and Part B (Costs).

ResPublica (2013)
The Community Renewables Economy: Starting up, scaling up and spinning out. 

The Co-operative Group and Co-operatives UK (2012)
Manifesto for a community energy revolution

Cowell, R., Bristow, G. and Munday, M. (2012)
Wind Energy and Justice for Disadvantaged Communities

Consumer Focus Scotland (2012)
Reaping the benefits of renewables: The role of community benefit funds in tackling fuel poverty and energy efficiency.


Community Energy: Unleashing the Potential for Communities to Power Change