Actions for government

Actions for government

Communities, developers, local councils and devolved government all have a role to play in strengthening community benefit in Northern Ireland.

The Fermanagh Trust makes a series of recommendations as to how government can do so:
  • Local Councils to formally establish guidance protocols (based on good practice) which provide a framework for engagement by developers with the Councils and local communities.

  • The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment to actively support local communities and their potential, positive role in implementing wind farm projects and the contribution they make in the development of a low carbon society.

  • The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to ensure models of good practice, as evidenced in Scotland and Wales, are followed in relation to both engaging and working in partnership with rural communities and the private sector when developing wind farms on land managed by the Forest Service.

  • The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment to develop a public register of community benefits from wind farm projects.

  • A government department to take the lead role in developing a more coordinated approach involving government, the private sector and communities towards wind farm developments, which builds upon the principles of sustainable development.

Community Energy: Unleashing the Potential for Communities to Power Change