About Us

Helping communities make the most of their talents

The Fermanagh Trust is a registered charity, established in 1995 to promote any charitable purpose, and to support initiatives which will lead to social and community development to improve the conditions of life for people in County Fermanagh and immediate hinterland. 

Since being established in 1995, the Trust has supported hundreds of community based projects.  The Trust which is a registered charity, manages a range of funds and programmes (from both private donors and statutory bodies) dedicated to strengthening and improving local communities and finding solutions to pressing community needs. 

The Fermanagh Trust recognises the need to strengthen how communities engage with energy.  Communities have a very important role to play especially given that the NI Executive has a target of achieving 40% of electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2020 and moving to a low-carbon economy.  We therefore need to reflect on how we as a society, generate, buy and distribute our energy. 

The Fermanagh Trust has engaged extensively with stakeholders across the community and voluntary sector, the private sector and government on both the issues of community energy and community benefit.  We have actively participated in conferences, consultations and discussions in order to help further the debate on how communities can engage with energy.

The Fermanagh Trust is a member of the Community Energy Coalition

Community Energy: Unleashing the Potential for Communities to Power Change